The Oldest Commercial Trail West of the Mississippi

Historical Map of the La Playa Trail
US Boundary Survey 1850

The La Playa Trail Association has been founded to commemorate the oldest European trail along the Pacific Coast. First traversed by Kumeyaay Indians, and later by Spanish explorers, who, under Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, laid claim to Alta California. The Trail stretches from the harbor entrance to the Mission San Diego de Alcala in Mission Valley, and beyond.

Trail History

The La Playa Trail had been in use by the Indians prior to April 11, 1769, when the Spanish brigantine San Antonio arrived with the advance party of the Portola Expedition. It is the oldest European trail on the Pacific slope, and was the main link between the Mission, Old San Diego, and La Playa, which served as our port until Alonzo Horton's founding of New San Diego in 1869.

Point Loma in 1876
Point Loma behind Coronado in 1876