Roseville Marker


At the site of the 1869 Roseville Hotel, at Byron and Rosecrans, Pt. Loma


The site of the first American house on Point Loma. Built by Louis Rose, the founder of the Roseville subdivision in Point Loma.

Status of the Marker

The original marker has been lost.

The First La Playa Trail Marker

The dedication of the first marker began at Point Loma Assembly on Talbot Street on Jan. 10, 1934, and then moved to the west side of Rosecrans Street between Addison Street (now Avenida de Portugal) and Byron Street, where the concrete marker (in which had been sealed a time capsule) was celebrated.

A new marker was dedicated on the East side of Rosecrans , near the intersection of Avenida de Portugal, on April 29, 2010 by La Playa Trail Association. It, too, contains a time capsule.

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