La Playa Trail Markers

Historical Map of the La Playa Trail
US Boundary Survey 1850

The Original Six

In 1932, John and Winifred Davidson, curators of the Serra Museum, working with George Marston, the local Portuguese community, architect Richard Requa, the San Diego Historical Society, the San Diego Federation of Women's Clubs and local garden clubs, made the decision to place 6 concrete markers commemorating the Old La Playa Trail between La Playa and the Mission.

The markers, featuring an ox cart and Indian, were designed by Old Town sculptor, Rose Hanks. During the next year, 6 markers were placed:

  1. Roseville Marker - At the site of the 1869 Roseville Hotel at Byron and Rosecrans
  2. Loma Portal Site - At the intersection of Rosecrans and Lytton Streets
  3. Presidio Marker - At the foot of Presidio Hill
  4. La Playa Site - At the Naval Fuel Depot in La Playa
  5. San Diego Mission - At Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala, the first of the 21 great California missions
  6. Midway Area Marker - At Midway and Rosecrans

Status of the Markers

Three of the La Playa Trail markers have been refurbished, and two have been lost. Two new markers have been dedicated:

Map of Marker Locations

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